An unwavering focus on client service

At GFI, we understand that each client is different. We provide clients with customized investment and financial management services designed to meet their unique needs. We do so to the highest standard of customer service.

  1. We will always manage your money as if it was our own – and we don’t take unnecessary risks with our own money.
  2. We will never claim to be able to time markets.
  3. We will always ensure you understand what we are saying.
  4. We will return your phone calls and emails promptly.
  5. We will always report your performance net of all fees.
  6. We will always disclose how and what we charge you.
  7. We will always use the appropriate benchmark and include dividends when comparing our performance to benchmarks.
  8. We will manage your capital rationally.
  9. We will never discuss or use terms like “macro,” “tactical,” “sector rotation” or “absolute return.”
  10. We will never chase the most recent investment trend.
  11. We will charge fair fees; not the fees we think we can get away with.
  12. We will never use the term “risk-adjusted” to justify poor results.
  13. We will never use Greek letters to explain our approach or rationalize our returns.
  14. We will never tout illiquid investments as if they are “less risky” just because they are private.
  15. We will never launch new products simply because a sector is “hot.”


We manage your money with discipline, reasonability, and not-so-common common sense.