Managing your money as if it was our own

What makes our investment approach different?

At GFI, we focus on rational, long-term, public market investing. We have a combined 50+ years of experience, and a repeatable and disciplined investment approach. We seek out businesses with durable competitive advantages and believe that risk management and return opportunities come from understanding a select group of companies intimately well. We take our time in getting to know the businesses we invest in through our proprietary due diligence process and not relying on third party research. When we invest, we become part-owners of a business.

We are proud of the wealth creation we have generated for our clients through our investments. Our strategy of identifying high-quality businesses with strong fundamentals has enabled us to establish a track record of success.

We have skin in the game.

GFI principals and their families are significant clients.

We take a private equity approach to investing.

We invest as if we are buying entire businesses, while benefiting from public market liquidity.

We are not the index.

We take concentrated positions in great businesses. We only put capital to work in opportunities we deem worthy.

We are long term investors and we don’t attempt to time the market.

We stand by our thorough and proven investment process.

We buy companies with durable competitive advantages.

We focus on strong operating leverage and pricing power.

We do not invest in fads.

We maintain discipline through all markets.

We are focused.

We utilize a proprietary checklist to govern our investment decisions.

We place strong emphasis on balance sheets.

We look for minimal debt and smart allocation of corporate cash.

We rely on our own thorough

We read all source documents and speak to management, customers, and industry participants before judging a company’s worth.

We search for the best investment opportunities, while ensuring our portfolio is well positioned for any eventuality.