Investing with GFI

GFI works with clients by offering two investment platforms; Customized Investment Management and our pooled fund offering, the Good Opportunities Fund.

Customized Investment Management provide clients with the benefits of an independently custodied tailored portfolio, built to address their unique needs.  By building portfolios comprised of equities and fixed income investments, GFI is able to manage each portfolio according a specific risk/return profile that allows clients to reach their long term goals.

The Good Opportunities Fund is a long/short pooled fund that employs the same rigorous investment standards as GFI’s customized portfolios.  The “Fund” strives to identify compelling long and short investments and combine them into a concentrated best in class portfolio.

Financial Planning is available to all GFI clients.  Plans are built to identify the risks and opportunities that may impact clients as they approach the various stages of the investment lifetime.  Our plans are holistic and consider topics such as budgeting, insurance planning, and tax planning, to name a few.

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