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GoodQuarter 2023

GoodQuarter Q4-2023
GoodQuarter Q3-2023
GoodQuarter Q2-2023
GoodQuarter Q1-2023

GoodQuarter 2022

GoodQuarter Q4-2022
GoodQuarter Q3-2022
GoodQuarter Q2-2022
GoodQuarter Q1-2022

GoodQuarter 2021

GoodQuarter Q4-2021
GoodQuarter Q3-2021
GoodQuarter Q2-2021
GoodQuarter Q1-2021

GoodQuarter 2020

GoodQuarter Q4-2020
GoodQuarter Q3-2020
GoodQuarter Q2-2020
GoodQuarter Q1-2020

GoodQuarter 2019

GoodQuarter Q4-2019
GoodQuarter Q3-2019
GoodQuarter Q2-2019
GoodQuarter Q1-2019

GoodQuarter 2018

GoodQuarter Q4-2018
GoodQuarter Q3-2018
GoodQuarter Q2-2018
GoodQuarter Q1-2018

GoodQuarter 2017

GoodQuarter Q4-2017
GoodQuarter Q3-2017
GoodQuarter Q2-2017
GoodQuarter Q1-2017

GoodQuarter 2016

GoodQuarter Q4-2016
GoodQuarter Q3-2016
GoodQuarter Q2-2016
GoodQuarter Q1-2016

GoodQuarter 2015

GoodQuarter Q4-2015
GoodQuarter Q3-2015
GoodQuarter Q2-2015
GoodQuarter Q1-2015

GoodQuarter 2014

GoodQuarter Q4-2014
GoodQuarter Q3-2014
GoodQuarter Q2-2014
GoodQuarter Q1-2014

GoodQuarter 2013

GoodQuarter Q4-2013
GoodQuarter Q3-2013
GoodQuarter Q2-2013
GoodQuarter Q1-2013

GoodQuarter 2012

GoodQuarter Q4-2012
GoodQuarter Q3-2012
GoodQuarter Q2-2012
GoodQuarter Q1-2012

GoodQuarter 2011

GoodQuarter Q4-2011
GoodQuarter Q3-2011
GoodQuarter Q2-2011
GoodQuarter Q1-2011

GoodQuarter 2010

GoodQuarter Q4-2010
GoodQuarter Q3-2010
GoodQuarter Q2-2010
GoodQuarter Q1-2010

GoodQuarter 2009

GoodQuarter Q4-2009
GoodQuarter Q3-2009
GoodQuarter Q2-2009
GoodQuarter Q1-2009

GoodQuarter 2008

GoodQuarter Q4-2008
GoodQuarter Q3-2008
GoodQuarter Q2-2008
GoodQuarter Q1-2008

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