The Good Opportunities Fund is GFI’s pooled fund offering.

The Fund is typically invested in 10 to 15 core holdings, comprised of both long and short investments.

GFI relies on thorough research to evaluate potential investments. The Fund generally holds a limited number of investments, each accounting for a meaningful portion of the portfolio. We therefore only put capital to work in opportunities we deem worthy.

GFI is also prepared to short, or bet against, various businesses when they lack the aforementioned qualities that we seek out. The short opportunities that we focus have significant obsolescence risk, while typically coping with significant amounts of debt.

The aforementioned characteristics are not simply a marketing tool; they are the foundation of our investment methodology.

GFI also works with qualified investment advisors. For further information, please call or email us at

Good Opportunities Fund Performance (October 31, 2023)

The following is the historical performance summary of GFI’s Good Opportunities Fund. Please speak to us today at 416.488.8825 to learn more about our Good Opportunities Fund.

Good Opportunities Fund YTD 1 Year 3 Year* 5 Year* 10 Year* Inception (1/1/2008)*
7.2% 5.7% 1.8% 8.9% 10.4% 8.7%


Good Opportunities Fund Fees

Management Fee – Class A 2.00%
Management Fee – Class F 1.35%
Performance Fee 20%
Hurdle Rate 6%
Perpetual High Water Mark* YES

* The highest Net Asset Value (NAV) of a fund is known as the “high water mark.” The manager will not receive a performance fee unless the current NAV is above the highest historical value.

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