About the Fund

Good Opportunities Fund uses a value-oriented approach to identify compelling long and short investments.

The Good Opportunities Fund is available to accredited investors.

The Good Opportunities Fund Investment Process
GFI has conviction in the businesses we own. We speak to management, customers and industry participants before judging a company’s worth. The Fund generally holds a limited number of investments, each accounting for a meaningful portion of the portfolio. We put capital to work in only those opportunities we deem worthy.

The Fund’s approach is best described as a research-driven, fundamental and value-oriented investment style. We do, however, consider the industry and its long-term prospects when making investment decisions.

Do we have a complete understanding of the business?
Is the company conservatively financed?
Does the company require significant additional financial resources to accomplish its strategy?
Will there be a dilutive equity issue?
Are we comfortable with debt being deployed into the company’s capital structure?
Does the company have recurring revenue? Will the company have to pursue new contracts to generate sales?
Does the company have operating leverage?
Does the company have a competitive advantage?
Will limited barriers to entry be exploited by the company’s competitors?
How honest is the company’s management team?
Is the management team promotional in nature?
Is management focused on a long-term strategy, and interested in keeping shareholders informed about critical long-term initiatives?

The aforementioned characteristics are not simply a marketing tool; they are the foundation of our investment methodology.

Please speak to us today at 416.488.8825 to learn more about Good Opportunities Fund.

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